Adoption Hijack

Sometimes, adoption hijacks my life.

This happened recently in a counseling session with my partner. We were there to talk about improving communication between us, a worthy goal, but ended up spending half the session talking about adoption. My partner just said that it was hard to figure out what to do for me around certain holidays — my birthday, any day celebrating family. That’s it — and then adoption took over. I did not want to talk about adoption. I am sure my partner did not want to talk about adoption and in fact seemed to feel left out of what was supposed to be a joint session. I don’t think it improved things for us at all, nor did it give us much to work on until the next session (which, I guess, is fine, given that we will barely see one another for the next few weeks due to schedules). Damn it, adoption. Give it a rest. Just for a day or two.