Where do I start?

If you’re new to adoption, or new to the #FlipTheScript movement that is focused on making adoptee voices the center of National Adoption Month discussions, maybe you are wondering where to start.

If that’s where you are, you are open to listening or seeking, and that’s great. Today, having been careful about what I’ve engaged with online, I’m feeling pretty open to helping. Part of this is continuing the dialogue many of us have with each other outside the adoptee zones that are safe.

Start with the Lost Daughters blog, and start with mothermade. This is where #FTS started. This is why #FtS started. Search the hashtags on Twitter, on FB, on the internet as a whole (many of us are using them).

National Adoption awareness attention started to make people more aware about the foster care system and the needs of the children in that system. It now seems to many adoptees as though this is a celebration of fundraising efforts for adoption, a system that is so close to baby buying that it makes many of us very uncomfortable. If adoption is to be about the children, maybe those of us who have lived through it have something to say that could make it better. Maybe we can speak a truth about the lived experience of adoption.

I have a feeling this month will get a bit repetitive. I am already repeating myself. If you see or read or hear repetition, listen harder. These are the things that we don’t think are being heard. That’s why we keep saying them.


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